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Palmfield Community Christian School

Palmfield is an area northwest of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia.  It is a very needy area, with the hundreds of school age children having no access or opportunity to attend school. Plan for the Children Humanitarian Aid has recently started a new school which is already at capacity.

In the summer of 2013, a vacation Bible school was started by a young pastor, Rev. Joseph Johnson, in the Palmfield area.  They met in a very rustic borrowed space in which more than 200 children attended.  The children and parents urged Pastor Johnson to continue on with regular school starting that September. Local teachers volunteered their time and more than 300 children attended.

The classes were held with no furniture and the children are asked to bring something to sit on. Each day, there was an array of plastic buckets, cement building blocks and pieces of wood used as chairs and desks. But it was a school and a beginning!

Donations to PCHA purchased a small piece of land which was cleared by community volunteers.  Next, a well was dug and construction of a basic school began. The cost of the school, some basic furniture, books and supplies cost around $75,000.  A monthly budget that pays teachers a small salary, government mandated uniforms and other operating costs need to be met by faithful, continual giving.

One very important aspect of our education is the students are being taught the word of God, morals, and right from wrong as the long civil war robbed these from the people. They had to survive by whatever means possible.

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