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May 2021

Updated: May 17, 2021

Post-High-School Training

We always look forward to sharing with you what is happening at Palmfield Community Christian School, above. But you also help us sponsor young people who go on to further their education! This issue focuses on three of these ambitious PCCS graduates: Titus, Magretta, and Emmanuel.

Congratulations to Titus! He has completed an 18-month Electrical Engineering course and is now awaiting graduation and an internship. PCHA paid $95 for his tuition.

Magretta and Emmanuel are both in a three-year program to earn their Associate Degrees and become Pharmacy Technicians. Magretta is now in her second year; Emmanuel is just starting. Tuition for the first semester is $200 each, with an additional $50 each to pay for things like registration, information sheets, ID cards, etc. and $50/month for transportation to and from class.

Palmfield Community Christian School, the second school we established in Liberia, began in 2015. Our nearly 500 students will soon start their summer break, and in September, thanks to your wonderful support, school will be back in session! Worldwide challenges have enveloped us this past year, but we think Palmfield can help symbolize the hope we all hold for a brighter future. Continuing, sometimes even month-by-month, is not easy, but with your ongoing support, we move forward. In addition to clicking on the big blue donation button above, you can also choose to support us through Amazon Smile and Benevity. With much gratitude, The Board of Plan for the Children Humanitarian Aid, and the students, families and community of Palmfield Community Christian School.



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